Lip syncing in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa finals

The finals of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa had a grand venue and lot of stars. Arranging it in front of Gateway of India was a really great idea and so was paying tributes to the soldiers and commandoes. This part was all great.

But a program that proclaims itself as “Sangeet ka viswayuddh” and boasts of the singing talent it nurtures; a program that is supposed to be all about music; a program where they repeatedly kept talking about “Mehnat” and challenge to terrorism, I just couldn’t imagine why on  earth everyone (except Shankar Mahadevan)  chickened out and went for lip syncing. It is very disappointing..this is supposed to be the music event and fucking everyone lip synced. OK I could tolerate the fact that they kept using “tracks” instead of real musicians for the most of the final episodes, but lip syncing? This is horrible..I feel duped. Lip syncing is cheating and no respectable singer ever does this. This show should be having some live musicians (and they do have some really good musicians)  jamming the hell out and thumping incredible power into the audience and venue. Instead they had pre-recorded tracks with some lousy dancing with it.  I really respect Shankar Mahadevan for not folllowing others in this disgraceful  venture. This is abysmal – I am not watching this stupid program again.


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