My thoughts on 2009 Filmfare awards

Watching a Bollywood award show now feels as if I am peeking into the Shaadi ceremony of some star. Bollywood stars and their betas, betis, bhanjas, bhanjis, potas and potis were everywhere. The show hosting was started by Yash Johar ka beta then followed by Aaamir ka bhanja and Rishi Kapur ka beta. Lady hosts were Prakash Padukone ki beti and Aparna Sen Ki beti. There were performances by Javed Akhtar ka Beta, Pankaj Kapur ka beta, Mukesh ka pota and Amitabh Bacchan ka beta. The next group of people were beauty pageant winners and models. Is there any hope for an actor in this Bollywood? Self-made individuals are now limited to  being musicians, singers, cinematographer, editors, writers and technicians – And the star sons are taking all the work these talented guys are doing  and making it look like their own. These guys make peanuts compared to the star sons. With all this going on, It was a such a great moment to see Om Puri come in and talk about his experience in Film Institute. And A R Rahman’s ever humble appearance.

The lack of any special effects was also noticeable. So was “Manikchand Gutka’s” sponsorship (thanks).

One especially touching moment for me was when Sukhwinder said “Please give me an opportunity to perform”. To this, this obnoxious asshole Yash Johar ka beta said “Even I wants to perform”. This is just so offending..I don’t know who gave him a chance to be the host of the show. Sukhwinder is one of the best performers our country has..just check out his videos in Youtube. His singing is unparelleled; his shows are a powerhouse of great music and singing. I think the show would be a lot better with performance form Sukwinder than all the babes dancing in mini-skirts to pre-recorded house tunes.


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