Some thoughts on upcoming shankar ehsaan loy concert

I am really excited by the upcoming concert in nj. I think it is going to be great. I have been watching some of their live stuff on YouTube and have a few requests to make.
1. Shankar please reduce your interaction with the crowd. Interaction involves the audience but I think you are taking it a bit far. Your constant interruptions sometimes gets screechy and annoying.
2. Let ehsaan play one or two extended solo interlude. Let lot play a jazz interlude.
3. Please check the sound in the farther sections of the auditorium too. For some reason the sound in Indian shows don’t cover the entire auditorium well. Lots of howling was there in a r Rahman concert too.
4. Please dont try to make the show extra grand. Play your songs well and I bet that’s going to please everyone. Hopefully those dancers you have hired will not be too much of a distraction. And I hope there are no announcers. Don’t know why all the shows in us must have dancers.

5. Lastly please record at least one show. You have at least one buyer of the dvd

Well that’s all and wish you all the best. I will be in the izod center show.


1 Response to “Some thoughts on upcoming shankar ehsaan loy concert”

  1. July 20, 2010 at 12:36 am

    I have been to many concerts in the past that now they all seem the same to me. But when my wife found out about the SEL concert in N.J. we drove from Connecticut to N.J. to enjoy the live concert as I had seen Shankar recently in a show on Zee TV and I was very much impressed by his music and talent.

    I can not describe my experience of this live concert. It was one of the best concerts I have gone to this year. I recommond this concert to each and every one who has not experienced the live music concert. The songs were superb and it seemed like I was listeting to a CD.

    It was simply beyond words!

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