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What’s wrong with MTV Coke Studio India?

After watching most of the Pak Coke Studio again and again, I was pretty excited to hear about a India version. But kuch mazaa nahin aa raha. I think Leslie Lewis’s arrangement is the main problem. Folk songs are presented pretty much as is with the drum, guitar and keyboards just providing a subdued accompaniment. The folk songs are not tweaked to fit Fusion medium. Was watching the one with Kailash Kher and a lady from South (sorry totally forgot her name) doing a jugalbandi. There was no jugalbandi. She sang her part as she would without all those other guys preset. He sang his part. No pause at all to give the guitar to break into some blues improvisation or the keyboardist to explore a solo or maybe do something more interesting around than just hitting 7th chords as is. Same problem with the Shankar Mahadevan episode. The bollywood episodes are even worse. This is rather embarrassing and should be taken off air till they find someone decent to arrange these gongs. I am sorry this stuff is no match for the really high standards the Pak show set up.